Is Physical Attraction enough?

Physical Attraction.. we usually like someone because of their looks.. right? Every one wants the sexiest partner. As humans we often (bad habit), tend to judge people on their appearance without even knowing them OR getting to know them first.

You can't always judge a book by its cover.

What if they are gorgeous on the outside and ugly on the inside? What if they are “ugly” on the outside but gorgeous on the inside? 

Which one is enough for you? Is having the sexiest woman or the finest man good enough for you, even if they are the ugliest on the inside? OR is it acceptable for you not to have the finest partner, as long as they are the most beautiful on the inside?

I think this is a part of our human growth. At younger ages we prefer looks over everything. Nothing else seems to matter, as long as you have the cute girlfriend/boyfriend, but sometimes the prettiest people have the ugliest souls..

As we grow in age we start to look at things through a different lens if you will. “Looks” aren’t a priority anymore, what is a priority is having a partner who has the most beautiful soul, and having a partner who treats you right no matter their appearance; because you realize looks will fade, we will ALL grow old, but what won’t fade is a person’s soul. The physical attraction, then, becomes an added bonus.

For myself, phsycial attraction isnt what I look for anymore. I rather have a partner who may not be the cutest in others eyes, but they have the most beautiful soul. Because we are all beautiful in our own way right?

So, what are YOUR thoughts? IS physical attraction enough? 

“You realize you have grown when physical attraction is no longer enough for you.”



4 thoughts on “Is Physical Attraction enough?

  1. Not enough alone however I feel it’s also unreasonable to expect ourselves to go souly on someone’s insides. Like everything in life balance seems to be best. Being attracted to someone isn’t always a superficial aesthical thing but a package deal. If you only love their insides on the days they drive you mad where is that chemical spark. Needless to say insides are super important for enjoying life with a partner who shares interests and views. This is for me, the one situation where we should have our cake and eat it so to speak. Just my thoughts anyways lol

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    1. Also I believe the physical attraction does continue when your both old and wrinkly it just transcends in to something different. One of the longest living couples I know have discussed this with me in depth. Was pretty interesting.

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