We are stronger TOGETHER!

Every time I sit down to write a post about my Endometriosis I get a little bit of anxiety..

Why? I’m not really sure, I think it’s because for so long I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me, I knew it was something but when you are in pain and have no diagnosis it can really drive you mad..

I’ve been seeing an immense amount of people speak out about treatment from their doctors and/or specialist.

If you have read my post title “My Endometriosis Story” you know I’ve had my fair share of mistreatment from physicians. If you didn’t read it and would like to I will link it here: My Endometriosis Story

As I am sitting here writing I am constantly taking deep breaths.. this topic just makes me so angry.

When you think of a physician or specialist you think of help, you think they are going to be the ones to help you,  to get you feeling a bit better, TO GIVE YOU SOME ANSWERS. But that is not always the case and it is truly sad, but it is the ugly truth when dealing with a chronic illness. In my 7-8 years of having Endometriosis I have yet to find a GOOD doctor- I mean I have met some decent ones, but GOOD? NO.  I have yet to discover a doctor that didn’t look at me like I was crazy, or one that didn’t tell me the pain was all in my head. I have yet to find a doctor that didn’t talk down to me, like I was a complete idiot.. and that is just unacceptable.

I think its awesome how much work physicians and specialist put in to get where they are,  props to them. BUT, being a GOOD physician doesn’t just take “smarts.” It takes a special person, a person who honestly cares about their patient and not just the money, a person who shows compassion for their patient, and their only goal is to help their patients no matter how hard that may be.

As perfect as that sounds, it is not realistic.

Something I’ve learned through my journey..

I think us women with Endometriosis just have to stick together and support each other, because we won’t get that from anyone or anywhere else. And like I said having no support, and being in so much pain can really drive you mad. I know, I’ve been there. If you need the understanding of your situation you will only get it from somebody who truly knows what its like, somebody who has walked in your shoes.

There are a lot of online communities that have women who share this disease.. there are a ton of them here on WordPress, and Facebook. I will link a Facebook group here for you:Endometriosis and Me …. That is how we will survive and strive through this disease, through the support and love of our EndoSisters.. ❤




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