Finals Week is Near.

Something all College students dread, a week of pain- LITERALLY! 

It’s so funny, because for the first exam you are motivated, you are ready to make that A. No matter how much studying it takes. But as finals week approaches you are at the point where you are tired, you are so over it, and you are just ready for summer. This is the point where ” C’s get degrees comes in to play!” 

Despite how difficult it is, I try to be positive because if I wouldn’t I probably would have given up a long time ago..

I try to look at the good of finals week- is that even possible??? YES! I look at it as one step closer to my degree, one step closer until I get to spend my days doing what I am passionate about and somehow that gets me through the studying every single day.

Before every exam I say this prayer, I have done this since I started College. It relieves my anxiety that I am prone to before I take any exam, and the forgetfulness that accompanies that anxiety.. I will link it here: Prayer to St. Joseph of Cupertino

I printed it out and I trimmed it to card size and I keep it in my car.

What do you do to prepare for exams and finals week?




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