Crockpot Recipes UPDATE!!

I wanted to update you all on the crockpot recipes like I said I would. Here is the link to the original post in case you missed it:

I’ve tried three of them and here are my thoughts, and I’ll share with you the recipes and the steps I took to make them- 

SUPER EASY. They are all very easy to achieve and they have all be pretty good.

Buffalo Crockpot Chicken:

  • You need chicken boobs, a ranch      seasoning packet, and Franks wing sauce.
  • First, I trimmed my chicken; this is optional.
  • Next, I seasoned it with the ranch packet, I also added a little salt and pepper- again the salt and pepper is optional.
  • Then, you just throw it in the crockpot and pour your wing sauce over it. I used my judgement when pouring but I used about half the bottle.
  • After that is done you just turn your Crockpot on (OBVIOUSLY). I do high for about 4 1/2 hours, but you can also put it on low if you would like to do it in the morning before school/work.

I think this one is my favorite, I ate it with white rice and broccoli!! 

BBQ Crockpot Chicken: 

  • The steps kind of follow the same as above. Minus the ranch packet and Wing sauce. Instead you use your choice of BBQ Sauce.

I have to say this one wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t care for it that much, but if you like BBQ I’m sure this one will be for you. 

Salsa Crockpot Chicken:

  • Again, the steps are kind of repetitive. Like I said SUPER EASY! 
  • For this one you use taco seasoning on the chicken, again I also added salt and pepper (optional).
  • You then put a little salsa on the bottom of the Crockpot, then you lay down your chicken, THEN you pour the rest of the salsa over it.
  • Again, you can use your judgement for all of the sauces. You can definitely modify these recipes to your liking.

This one is my second favorite. I again, ate this white rice. I also but corn and lettuce on the side and topped it with fresh jalapeños. 

Here are the original links; (some of them have additional ingredients that I choose not to use I just kind of took the idea and made it my own. Which you can totally do with these)

Buffalo Chicken–

BBQ Chicken–

Salsa Chicken-

If you try any of these OR have tried them already, let me know your thoughts!



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