COFFEE, Because Crack Is Bad For You!


When I was younger I never understood why adults had to have their coffee every morning, when I would sleep over at my grandparents house my grandpa had to have his coffee every morning, and I remember thinking.. WHY? What is that cup of coffee going to do?

I fully understand now. A cup of coffee in the morning is totally necessary, well for me anyway..

I do not care for hot coffee though, I never did like hot coffee. But I LOVE ice coffee. My favorites are from Starbucks (of course), I like the Skinny Iced Vanilla Latte, Starbucks Double Shot On Ice, and just an Iced Coffee with Milk. I get one of those drinks a couple of times a week, it does get pricy though but I just can’t make it like they do!! They make it soo yummy.

IF you drink coffee at Starbucks, What are your favorites?  Let me know, I’m always up for trying new coffee. Or if you don’t drink coffee, WHAT’S YOUR MORNING DRINK?




One thought on “COFFEE, Because Crack Is Bad For You!

  1. Hi there 😊😊 I too love coffee so much. Im picky tho hehe and I dont like starbucks coffee. Tho i always order caramel macchiato 😅😅 may favorites are peets, i can drink it black now 😊😊 stumptown and philz oh and blue bottle 🙂🙂

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