Blogging Tips Backwards?

I love to learn new things! 

With that being said, I want to do kind of a “blogging tips” thing but instead of myself giving the tips (BLOGGING TIPS BACKWARDS)? I would like feedback from more experienced bloggers. I would like to better my blog. Blogging is very enjoyable for me, I love just writing- now instead of just thinking about something I get on here and I just start writing and it has helped me with my anxiety and other things- that is another post coming soon!

But, for this one I want to ask the question to you guys.. What do you look for in a blog? When you are reading them, what draws your attention to their post? Do you like blogs that only talk about ONE thing? OR Do you like blogs that post on a variety of things? 

I’m asking because I need advice. I am all over the place in real life, and that is kind of how my blog is.. I have post on a variety of topics, but doing a little research (google is my best friend) I found conflicting answers. SO, I kind of had this thought .. Why not ask the bloggers and readers of my blog what they would like to see? I think I will get the best answers this way..

AGAIN, please do not just like this post.. I genuinely want your honest opinion, and feel free to be critical ( just do it nicely, don’t be rude)! As all experienced bloggers had to start somewhere.. but have gotten to where they are from learning 🙂

SIDE NOTEI will always try to do post when I learn new things on my own. As I did when I found out about the “featured images” and I hope that post did help some of you out 🙂



3 thoughts on “Blogging Tips Backwards?

  1. Hi there! In general, I look for blogs that are genuine…meaning that it doesn’t really matter what they blog about, as long as the blogger sounds true to themselves. I really like your posts so far…so don’t feel like you need to change for others. Rather, just let your blog go in the direction of life…even if it’s ‘all over the place!’ 😊

    One blogging thing that can be a turn off for some readers, though, is a blog that produces no original content at all, but only reblogs other people’s posts–as that can be perceived as a little lazy. But you don’t have that problem…you are very original! 😊

    So be encouraged…keep doing what you’re doing…and if one day you feel like doing it differently…great! Just keep being YOU. 💙

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