You learn something new everyday!

As you all know I am very new to blogging and I must say this stuff takes werk!

I’ve been getting so frustrated with my featured images as I spend a decent amount of time making them, but the whole image was not showing on my blog and I could not figure out why! SO, today I finally got frustrated enough and I googled it and I found that your theme comes with custom dimensions for EVERYTHING (I’m using the free WordPress option).

I found out the I had to go to my theme info and scroll down until I found what the recommended dimensions were for my featured images!! PROBLEM SOLVED-YAYYY!

I’m sharing because this may help someone who might be running into the same issue.. hey, you learn something new everyday!



One thought on “You learn something new everyday!

  1. So true ( that we learn something new every day). Sometimes we can give up and miss the chance for something to learn and therefore grow in or we can keep trying until we figure it out and learn something more than what we did.

    ~ Bre

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