Crockpot Recipes?

I’ve always been skeptical of a crockpot.. yes I just said “skeptical of a crockpot” lol I just never really understood how that little pot sitting on a counter could cook your food well!

Well, being in college I do not like to cook. I’m always studying or I’m at school so it’s difficult to come home and cook a full meal, I know I’m not the only one, right?? 

I’m a Pinterest junkie. I use Pinterest for pretty much everything. I also love YouTube, I do not make videos-but I do have a channel to subscribe and like the videos. I recently discover Ashleigh C’s channel, she posted a video on “Buffalo Crockpot Chicken” it looked super easy and delicious I’ll post the link here so you can check out her video:

After watching her video, I’m very excited to try this- I’ll be trying it tonight and I’ll try and give you guys an update. But I also went on Pinterest and typed in “Easy Crockpot Meals” and a ton of them came up! If you are in college, or a full time mommy, or just don’t like cooking I think these would be perfect for you. I’ll link just a few that caught my eye:

They almost look too good to be true!! We shall see, let me know if you try any of them as well 🙂 



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