Thank YOU

It will make two weeks Ive had this blog this coming Saturday and I just wanted to let you guys know a few things. I have never shared some of these stories that I have written about, at most my mom is the only person who probably knows all of my secrets. But as I’ve mentioned and this is truly honest, I’ve always wanted to start a blog since my early teens. I loved writing since middle school, English was always and still is my favorite subject. I loved writing essays, especially in college, I was only required to take two English classes, and in my first one it was essays about my life, and my stories and I enjoyed it so much.

I don’t care about “followers” but I do want to be sharing these stories with people, and people who enjoy reading them. I’ve read post on being new to blogging, and a lot of them say it takes time and patience-NOT MY STRONGEST TRAITS!!!! But I am willing to give this a shot. I have gotten discouraged a few times, because I see all these other blogs and they are truly inspiring to me and thats how I want this blog to be one day. But, everybody has to start somewhere right? hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, ill just keep writing, and hope for the best.

To the people who have supported me in just this short amount of time, read my post and enjoyed them I thank you from the bottom of my heart.. I only have about 15 followers at this time, but I’m thankful for each and every one of you. The 15 of you have just given me that push I needed to keep doing this. You have to start somewhere, right?

Again thank you all. I intend to keep writing, keep sharing my stories, and hopefully I can inspire some of you.. 





3 thoughts on “Thank YOU

  1. Hell yea – I barely have any followers – but its really cathartic to write things down and if it helps a lost soul in the process, or someone looking for an answer or some belonging – ULTIMATE BONUS

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      1. Yea media can often bring out competitiveness – like with youtube. People love a thumbs down on some of the nicest reviews and videos , however there’s enough followers out there who just want to be involved and read interesting blogs. Have faith. You’ve earned on more follower today so all in all your blog is growing 😉

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