I’ve always had a lisp, it is much better now barely even noticeable. But up until I would say my freshman year of high school it was noticeable. I hated presentations, I hated having to speak in front of a bunch of people, so i became very shy. Thankfully I’ve broken out of that.
I’ve learned that we all have flaws. Every single person on this earth has something that they hate about themselves–a flaw. Those flaws can range from an abunce of different things, my just happened to be a lisp.

One day while spending the night at a “friends” house we were young playing around on the phone, you know what young girls do at sleepovers! And I asked her to pretend to be me on the phone (as I said I was shy, I didn’t like speaking on the phone-I still kinda don’t lol) but when I asked her she replied to me with “you want me to talk like this” while using her tounge to mimic a lisp..

Every time I spoke with that group of “friends” I was so self-conscious, I would just sit there rather than speak. Nobody likes to be made fun of for anything much less something I couldn’t change, especially by people who you think are your friends. I had a hard time in high school dealing with bullies and mean girls. Every high school has them, heck even middle school has mean girls these days..

But in college, I have met a variety of different people all from different walks of life. I’ve met a few people with a lisp, did I make fun of them? NO. I was inspired by them, honestly. They spoke like it wasn’t even there, they weren’t embarrassed or shame to have a conversation and I’ve come to be the same way–some things I can’t change about myself, so I’ve learned to love them. 

The point is love your flaws–they make you YOU. Nobody else can ever be you, embrace those flaws. God gave them to you for a reason.. 


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