OK so if some of you realize that I’ve had this blog previously you are correct!
I did delete the site due to problems that I ran into, but I missed it so much. I missed getting on here and writing. I made some changes and I’m hoping I do not run into the same issues as I did before.

I am just going to introduce my blog once again, I want this blog to be about life in general. I am a girl in her twenties in progress..that doesn’t mean there won’t be some fashion, beauty, and other post as well. This is a blog for me. Of course, I want people to read it and enjoy it, but ultimately it is somewhere I can come to just write and hopefully some of you can relate.

I will remain anonymous as I did previously. As I have said before, I want to share real raw stories but I want to keep my identity private, simply because I do have a family and a real life. I am not saying that the stories I share will be false, I just rather keep my identity safe.

I will share with you briefly why I had to abandon my other blog- long story short I was using a primary email with various contacts and my email was spoofed, my contacts were getting tons of spam emails that I did not send them. I contacted my email provider and there was nothing they could do because I did not remember my security question ahhhhh, so I was advised to abandon the email so I did and I made a rash decision and deleted my blog. But I started to miss it!

I am not thrilled about having to start over but, it is what it is~~ I am now more familiar with how things work so I hope that can give me a few advantages.. and hey lets just look at this as a fresh start. After all we do live and learn, right?

I did not import any files so I am having to start everything from scratch.. please work with me and be patient..



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